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Research on Squircle

I’ve found an interesting idea for a new approach on trading. It involves a mathematical formula for a family of shapes called “squircle”.
This family of shapes was given the name SQUIRCLE by Peter Panholzer. They are shapes that are intermediate between squares and circles.
To simulate the squircle please go to this page. According to that page, a squircle is described by the equation:
N + |Y|N = RadiusN.
Peter Panholzer is a currency manager. He has been trading for more than 30 years. He trades mechanically.

This new idea will be built into an EA soon after our software engineers complete his current task on building systems for several clients. Yes, we accept programming jobs from people who wish to build their system into an automated one. For more info on this service, please contact us at info[at]risenberg[dot]com.


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